Below I have an honour to present an interview with the cult Polish NSBM band DARK FURY. Let Raborym speak...

1. Slawa! Greetings from Ukraine! Please, introduce your band to the readers in short.

- Greetings! DARK FURY have risen their fist in the autumn of 1997. During the years we've recorded some stuff full of hatred and pride. We are walking the path of racism and National Socialism and spreading the idea through music. We are fighting for discreditation of global religions that kill human Will and sink them into slavery of gods.

2. Dark Fury is one of the most cult and most productive bands in the Polish NSBM scene. What was the reason for your creation and what fuels you through all these years? What are your top inspirations for creating music?

- The reason of our creation is will of strength! We have to grow up to spread the words of our ideas better. We'd like to change the situation in Europe, Europe full of coloured pigs spreading the words of pacifism and racial tolerance. Every day I see the greater number of niggers and arabs on the streets, trying to be so european. That feeds my anger and fuels me to do something to change this situation. To enlight white youth about their real heritage from the one side, or just to smash the nigger's face from the other. We are the voice of White Society! My inspiration is in the first place the philosophy of Nietzsche (Overmanship) and the theory of racial separatism. If you're asking about musical influences, I like the spirit of old GRAVELAND, OHTAR, ANTISEMITEX, HONOR, WHITE DEVILS, DER STURMER and some others.

3.There is a considerable difference between old DARK FURY material and your more recent works. If we can compare Turning Into Ashes and Krwawy Sztandar to the classics of Polish NSBM like old Graveland, Infernum, Veles, Mysteriis, the newer stuff is more original in sound and is real modern-day NSBM according to me. Hateful, straightforward and in-your-face. Do you agree with this?

- I'm glad you (and some other serious and respected men) think so. Yes, there is a big difference between old and present DF. Our last two cds are faster and more agressive than our debut or stuff from split with OHTAR. We've tried to return to the style from mentioned Krwawy Sztandar promo, which was the essence of our feelings this days. Our present music is simple and raw. We are filling it with all our emotions.

4. How did the cooperation with Thors Hammer come into being? I know that as the result of it you ended up as a permanent guitar-player of Thors Hammer and played on 2 albums The Fate Worse Than Death and Three Weeds From The Same Root together with Capricornus and Diathyrron. You even covered one of Dark Furys songs with Thors Hammer. There are some rumours that at that time Thors Hammer practically became Dark Fury how true is that? Maybe you have something to say about those times in general.

- Me and Capricornus knew one another since many years. We had an idea to create one strong ideological band from DARK FURY and THOR'S HAMMER, we've choosen the better known name and united under one banner. Diathyrron agreed to aim us with battery, because Wrathyr (DF's drummer) left us to play with thunderbolt. Together we've recorded The Fate Worse Than Death LP (it was the stuff prepared for DF's debut cd, except the last track). There are two tracks recorded previously as DARK FURY on this cd (Youngblood and Endless War) but I wouldn't say we've covered them, because DARK FURY became THORS HAMMER and vice versa then. After that I've decided to reactivate DARK FURY and play under old, independent name. Three Weeds From The Same Root was recorded only by Capricornus and Diathyrron, who also left TH after this cd.

5. Why did you decide to reform Dark Fury and concentrate on the creative work in it?

- I was a man who created DARK FURY, and I always had the most important vote in my band. I like my independence, so I've decided to reactivate my band and walk my own path again.

6. Tell us about your work with another cult Polish horde Ohtar. I know you were working with them. This band is great musically, but very underground. I know they dont give interviews anymore, as was stated by Necro in one of the issues of Dark Blaze/Into The Pentagram. Also, please dwell on your split CD with them.

OHTAR is my absolute favourite in today's Polish Underground. I know Necro since '95 (if I remember well...) as a very honourable man. Since I can remember, he didn't even make one step from the chosen way way with no return! A few times we had an opportunity to strike together. I was working with them on OHTAR's Wolfschanze, Deep Woodsand Shall I Never Drink The Fulfilment and helping a little with SELBSTMORD's Spectre of Hate. Diathyrron has also played drums in DARK FURY at We Are the Only Gods and Vae Victis!. Today Necro and I are recording new SELBSTMORD's stuff. Split OHTAR/DARK FURY was the first official release after band's reactivation. We didn't have rehearsal place and cash for recording, so music is not the one I like the best, however I'm still very satisfied with ideological side of DF's part.

7. Last year you were featured in a split CD called Alliance In Hate together with White Devils and War. If Im not mistaken, White Devils is your R.A.C. project. If you feel like it, enlighten us on this project.

- WHITE DEVILS has been created by Wrathyr (who has returned to DARK FURY after Vae Victis!) and Sponsor (one of the skinheads from the Old Squad he had his own band ODWET 88 in early 90's). Split Alliance In Hate was their first official release. We've decided to strike together because I like their music and our views are almost the same they are Antichristian NS Skinheads. Actually we have plans to make a project together (Sponsor, Necro and I).

8.Recently Dark Fury has become an official member of The Pagan Front. How do you feel about that and what are your thoughts on The Pagan Front in general.

- I have been invited to The Pagan Front by Jarl von Hagall. It is a great honour to be a part of this White Brotherhood. In general I'm supporting most of ideas spreaded by PF, and I don't see any organization strong enough to be an alternative for us. I was always a free shooter and now Pagan Front is the only organization I belong to (and the only one I want to belong to).

9. More of a general question about Black Metal and NSBM. How do you perceive old Black Metal after all those years and do you see NSBM as the continuation of the movement that started in Norway in the early 90-ties.

- I'm still listening to the old BM bands such as Bathory and Venom, their music makes me a little nostalgic. From old Norsk scene I sometimes like to relax to Darkthrone. I'm not sure if we are continuators of what they started, if not, I don't care about that. I'm sure I was influenced by their acts many years ago, but most of the people involved in the scene in Norway in the early 90's have become simple traitors/posers (with few exceptions), so just let them die in their own hell.

10. State some of the most important influences on your music (bands, writers, philosophers, artists etc)

- The part of answer is below question 2. Generally I'm reading a lot of literature due to the fact that I'm a bookshop owner (some of the writers could also influence me). I'm also listening to different music from Black Metal, through neofolk (Lorena McKenitt), movie music/soundtrack (from the old Star Wars is just great!), to classic compositors like Wagner, Ravel, Mussorgski, Czajkowski... Everything could influence me to create music/write lyrics, but the most important are always my own feelings.

11. Dwell on your view of the idea of racialism White Brotherhood of all European nations. Is it possible or is it another utopia? What are your thoughts concerning the idea of uniting all the Slavonic nations with capital in Kyiv.

White Brotherhood is possible only if we enlight White Youth about the REAL values such as Blood and Honour. If they'll understand that the way of life promoted by mass(jew)media or by church is just a piece of shit, then we'll be able to clean the Europe again. I think, and believe, that this is not another utopia. I'm learning my daughter all the values I believe in and I'm discrediting the false pseudoculture in her eyes. Let every of us do the same. Lets fight for the future of White Children, our children! I see, that many of us is determined to fight, and we have strong motivation. I could say, we have to be fanatics in this war. Unification of Slavs is needed, and it doesn't matter where would be the capital.

12. And the last question. Give us a short summary of NSBM movement in Poland nowadays. How has everything changed during the years. Is the old spirit still present in the air? What can you say about the legendary organization The Temple of Fullmoon? (I remember when I was going to England in 1997 we were driving through Poland and the thing that impressed me the most was the quantity of swastikas and celtic crosses on the walls all around the country. I even remember Wroclaw and it wasnt an exception ;) This was a huge contrast to England, where all I saw was streets full of niggers and dirty punks.)

Today NSBM scene in Poland is not as strong as in the 90's. Many people left our movement, some are just bertayers. I'm observing the fashion for satanic or pagan metal now. Young people fall into nihilism or run on viking festivals wearing armours and drinking honey etc. But I can't also tell that NSBM is dead in Poland now. We've made another step to integrate with White Power movement and we are still having some young blood in our army. People who survived in idea since early 90's are still in great number and are stronger than before (I don't want to give the names of bands/zines/labels because I wouldn't like to forget someone). The community is smaller but better integrated and we trust each other. TTF is a song of the past. I've seen last time few men trying to reactivate the old organization, but it has nothing to do with real terror spreaded by TTF. This organization was a hammer for posers. Haha, yes I remember when we were making actions to spray the city with swastikas and racial slogans. I remember, that one time I draw some slogans and symbols on a synagogue, and the next morning everything was removed. Anyway it wasn't serious acts, but gave some satisfaction. Today you can still notice the symbols of race on our streets, but in not such a great number as in 90's.

13. What are your plans for the nearest future and your last words to the readers.

Future is always a mystery... Thanks for the support and interesting questions! Never betray your ideas! Aryan regards!

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