Greetings. Let's start with a brief history of Der Sturmer, and what is currently new with the band?

Heil… We are currently waiting for the release of both the split cd with Totenburg and the three-way split ep alonside with Evil and Nacht und Nebel. Concerning the history of Der Sturmer, as we have already stated many times, the band’s existance is based on the spreading of NS and Aryan Propaganda unto the unsuspecting and indifferent masses, thus stiring the still waters of modern European apathy…

Your last album "A Banner Greater Than Death" was released by Die Todesrune from Spain. Are you happy with how Die Todesrune handled this particular release in terms of promotion, presentation etc? I don't know from experience but this label has somewhat a "shady" reputation with some people, were you concerned about this matter when you signed with this label?

Mattei has a selective way to handle his distribution, something which I don’t have a problem with, but I disagree to the fact that certain people offered him money instead and he still refused or delayed his reply. No, we didn’t have any problem with this co-operation, he also payed the studio recordings without giving us any problem or delays.

Would you agree with me that the lyrical content has matured since Der Sturmer began? Can you enlighten readers on the subject matter of the last album and from where you drew inspiration for them?

Yes, our lyrics have been developed, although both the message and the hate contained have increased. The subjects of “A Banner…” varies from Aryan Esotericism to outward antisemetic messages. The inspiration comes from the modern state of Europe, as this is compared with the forgotten and often deliberately ignored past. Only an idiot would disagree upon the fact that Aryan ethics, way of life and thought and actions are gone from Europe and the western world, replaced by this anarchistic mass of liberal, effeminated, hedonistic mass-people, who would care more for a dying nigger in the midst of nothing rather than his declined state of existence… If there’s still a single Aryan man standing we will keep up the Fight, because this is our Duty towards the fallen ancestors who left their brand and blood upon our soil. In their name we will cleanse the earth……

I still regularly listen to the "Europa Erwache!" demo, which was the first Der Sturmer release. In my opinion it's a great piece of warlike, militant and extreme NSBM. This demo is almost a decade old now, what is your opinion of it today as opposed to when it first came out?

My opinion is exactly the same as when it was released. It turned out to be as we have planned: an extreme piece of NS hatred straight in the face without any “secret messages”. By the time we recorded the tape the scene was already overwhelmed by normal, useless rock-stars who posed in their usurped image. Black Metal had/has lost its identity, upheld only by a handful of sworn and fanatic iron willed individuals. It was time to add our own weapons alongside with the few true Black Metal terror deciminating acts!

Hellas is home to many strong and musically great extremist acts, such as Bannerwar, Iron Youth, Legion of Doom, Wolfnacht, The Shadow Order, Darkthule and so forth. I get the impression that there's strong solidarity between these groups? Does there exist a big RAC scene in Hellas? I'm only familiar with Iron Youth and No Surrender...

No, Hellas USED to have a strong NS scene. Most of the bands you mentioned are either dead or lost interest (and many of them are far from being extremist, at least in the ideals). Actually we don’t care at all for the scene here, we stand alone and do what we must do. We meet from time to time with some people (e.g. The Shadow Order or Iron Youth) in the GD meetings and manifestations but we don’t have a close everyday contact. Concerning the RAC scene, except Iron Youth, it is completely out of my interest…

Which individuals and philosophers influenced your chosen ideology and worldview? Did any particular books or other medias have a big impact on yourself?

Hitler, Heracletus, Plato, Evola, Devi, Himmler, Rosenberg, or even Wagner, have played an important part on the shaping of our Weltenschauung. Not to forget outstanding historical persons who inspired with their actions like King Leonidas, Alexander the Great, Julius Ceasar, Marcus Aurelius, Prince Eugen, Vlad Tepes Dracula, Otto Skorzeny, and the entire SS organisation. All these left their mark upon our Ideology, shaping our ideals and our stance towards modernity and decadence…

Der Sturmer members were active with other bands and zines in the past, two of which being Ravenbanner and Stosstrupp. Will these bands ever release anything else? And what other projects existed before Der Sturmer?

Stosstrupp ceased every action, and to put it in Hagall’s words, it was a band that it was never meant to be. Ravenbanner are dead too, but there will be a last CD release soon. Before Der Sturmer, we were in Lamentation, Wintergods, also we were releasing the zines Wallachian Tyrant, Dark Imperium and Wrath of the Gods which are also dead now. I’ll also mention Wodulf, which existed before Der Sturmer, but time and funds limitations burdened its existence back then.

Your thoughts on non-NS black metal? Or Heathen themed groups that don't embrace NS idealogy? Personally I think there's too much harmless, pacifistic and "feminine" sounding Black Metal.

I agree totally with you. Even the modern “Black Metal” scene reflects the condition of the average European man… useless people always produce something useless. The spirit that once permeated Black Metal with warlike anger is now almost gone. Now you see all these myspace “extremists” with their pathetic bands trying to cover themes that have no idea what is all about. Stupid shallow stuff like “the gates ov baphomet” or “on the wings of the night” are now what cover the Black Metal topics… Fucking pathetic! Yes, there are many “heathen” bands that are total anti-fa cunts… most of them are all these fur-clad jolly boys who believe that the world is in eternal bliss and brotherhood! What a joke! I’d gladly carry the torch to their burning stake! The Aryan religion is built upon the ethics and psyche of a warlike, conquering people, not to some pot-influenced hippie mumblings. In general, all these faggots are part of modernity. They are no better from the average pop wanker that walks on the street, the difference is that instead of playing hiphop they are into this harmless “Black Metal” show.

What does the term "NSBM" mean to you? What initially attracted you to NSBM and how did you become involved within it? How do you compare the state of NSBM today to ten years ago?

When we decided to form Der Sturmer, there were only a bunch of bands that were using NS topics in their lyrics. NSBM is the propaganda branch of Black Metal, it is the spearhead driven deep within the heart of the liberal metalloid scene. NSBM must be considered as a weapon, as a medium of reawakening. Within the True NSBM scene we try to enlist all those who are ABLE and WILLING to fight, those who put Ideals and the cause above a prison sentence. The good thing within the NSBM scene is that a fake band won’t last for too long, because they are afraid of being imprisoned or “stigmatized” as a Nazi. That’s why most of the bands whimp out after a while… I can give you dozens of bands that tried to be part of the NSBM scene but changed their mind and jumped to the safety of the “misanthropic”, “nihilist”, “suicidal” or else branch of modern “black metal”. Fuck the cowards! Black Metal is war, and those who are not willing to fight will be trambled upon!

How is Hellas like as a place to live today? Do there exist many issues with immigration and related problems?

Although Hellas has not yet adopted any anti-hate laws or anti-NS activity, it is still FAR from being a good place to live in. The past is deliberately forgotten or altered by self (or state) proclaimed “experts” who try to convince the indifferent masses that our Ancestors had the same liberal and pacifist thoughts as the scum you see today laying outside the coffee shops of Athens! Immigration is in high rates, especially from Albania and Pakistan, not to forget the big number of gypsies. Among all these subhumans we also got the state-supported anarchist and leftist rubble. But again, the only to blame for the state of modern Hellas is the Greeks themselves, whose apathy and concern for comfort have permited to all these parasites set a foothold upon our Soil. But times change and Nemesis will have the last word!

What are your feelings towards Turkey and it's people? I know there has been alot of conflict between your fatherland and Turkey in the past.

Turks are the natural enemies of EVERY conscious Aryan European, history have proved that, and everyone that supports the idea that turks are going to contribute to Europe are either mad or zionist tools of propaganda. Turkey should be carpet-bombed and its people be extinct. German towns that bear the heaviest numbers of Turkish immigrants in Europe have already tasted the reality of “turkish contribution”. Yes, Hellas is in a constant conflict with these subhumans, and we are among the European nations that contributed to the downfall of their so-called “empire”. The neo-Turkish state was conceived and created by the Jews (also with the back up of the soviet Jews) in order to have another pawn in their game of dominance over Aryan Europe.

I think I've covered everything I wanted to with this interview, this final space is yours...

Thanks brother for this interesting interview and support… Never ask how many are the enemies, but where they are! HEIL HITLER!

Interview conducted by K.R with Hjarulv Henker/Der Sturmer - September 2007

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