Heilsa Eihwaz! I dont think your band needs any introduction, but still, feel free to introduce yourself to those readers who might be unfamiliar with your band.

Well, the band was formed almost ten years ago, after I left Myrkskog. The band today, constists of me, creating all music and sounds, and Wulfclaw that does the singing and most of the lyrics. To those who want to learn more, I suggest checking Disiplin's website: http://www.wolf-axis.com/

What were the main reasons for forming DISIPLIN? Was it done out of self-expression purposes, or youve always had some ideological aims?

Well, composing and creating is in my blood. Music is in my family. I grew up listening to heavy metal, and from there it was a natural progression to Black Metal. I formed Disiplin after leaving Myrkskog. Back then, in 2000, there was no ideological motive behind anything other than it was supposed to look, sound and be Black Metal. The music I have always taken very seriously, but the lyrics and the "image" was just Black Metal. Sadly no real thought behind it.

Presently Ive only heard your demo and 2 full-length albums, as well as some samples of new material. So my question will concern your past works. How do you evaluate your debut works nowadays? Ideologically they were a heavy mixture of satanism, totalitarian ideologies, chaosism In my opinion, your first self-titled album was much more consistent ideologically. More right-wing, so to say. The second was more negative, satanic and anti-cosmic. Share your thoughts on this

None of the albums were consistent ideologically. They were supposed to deliver the package of being "Black Metal". The music I am really proud of, but the lyrics and the image, is not something I look back upon with pride. However this is part of growing up. I agree though that the "general" appearance of the debut is more consistent, however a closer look at the lyrics will reveal that it is not so.

Please, tell about the guest-appearances of Norwegian Black Metal stars on your albums. How did they react towards your ideology? Did they care at all what you were singing about? Perhaps they share some of our views in private? Also, can you tell about the events in Norway in the early 90ies from your point of view? Were you into metal at that time already?

As I pointed out earlier, we had no real ideology besides being Black Metal, so there was not really anything to react to. We have never discussed much in private about such matters. They were friends and acquaintances that I had, and I thought their contributions could lift the music to a higher level in the parts they contributed. Nattefrost did the best job in my opinion. His voice really raised the music to a new level.

After 2 successful albums for Satyrs Moonfog Productions you basically quit all of your activities with DISIPLIN becoming a session-member of the legendary DISSECTION. It would be interesting to know a bit more about that time. What can you tell about MLO and Jon personally. Was his suicide a surprise to you?

I put Disiplin on ice for a time, to focus on fulfilling a little dream of mine. To tour around the world and play in front of thousands of people. Doing that with Dissection was an amazing experience, as I love Dissection's music and they are all talented musicians. I cherish my memories from that time. I have nothing to tell about MLO, except that Disiplin/I have never been a part of MLO. I wrote a statement of support in the booklet of the "Anti-Life" album, but that is as far as it goes. Jon had his beliefs, but he was a great guy. Very talented musician. His suicide both came as a surprise and was sort of expected. But I will not speculate.

After a while you decided to revive DISIPLIN, although under a totally different ideological angle. What was the main incitement for that? Did your Weltanschauung change, or, perhaps, you decided to be honest before yourself first of all? Dwell on your plans for the future.

Well, in 2004 my worldview began changing. I became a father. It was a gradual process from there on. I put Disiplin on ice, because of Dissection, and when my dreams and goals were fulfilled I moved on and began concentrating on Disiplin. I originally wanted to revive Disiplin in 2006, but other circumstances prevented me from doing that. Disiplin as it is today is as honest and straight to the point as possible.

I remember you from quite a long time ago, more exactly from the old PF forum. It always interested me, what made a quite well-known Norwegian musician interested in such underground organization with strong ideological background. Now, after a couple of years DISIPLIN became an official member of the Pagan Front. Tell us more about your perception of this organization and you experience in it for the time being.

Yes I was, but as I wrote above, some private matters prevented me from reviving Disiplin. Thus things were put on ice. Privately I continued to work on new material and ideas. And in 2009, the time was right and Disiplin was brought back with the Elite, the way it was meant to be. Well, the fact that I was well known musician does not change my personal development. I am who I am, and I have the beliefs I have. Disiplin is exactly where it should be - alligned with the Elite. The Pagan Front is a Brotherhood of creative and resourceful people. We are all creators and achievers in one way or another. I am proud and honored to be a part of it.

If there is something to tell, it would be great to hear about any racialist / NS movements in Norway of today. Also, describe the racial situation in big cities like Oslo / Bergen. How do regular citizens perceive the new culture that Islamic extremists are bringing together with them to the land of fjords.

It is practically non-existant. But I will try to arrange a concert or two next year, with Disiplin and some other acts. Hopefully that will be succesful. All major cities in almost all parts of the world I have been are going down-hill. The regular citizen is sceptical and rightfully so.

And, to finish this interview, please, share your biggest influences in the culture of White Man writers, philosophers, musicians etc. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Spengler, Evola, Norse mythology, Mencken, Devi, Wiligut, Serrano, Wagner, Grieg, Der Stürmer, Absurd, Ad Hominem, Vogelsang, Wolfnacht, Disiplin, Pantheon etc.

I draw my inspiration from what is listed above, as well as the inner creative force that is there. The forces and gods of old that work through us that are awake.

Alright Eihwaz, thanks for you time and the last words belong to you.

Thanks for the interview! The next full-length album from Disiplin will be "HOSTIS HUMANI GENERIS" and it will be released early next year. After that, we will release a split with Pantheon, entitled "ACTA NON VERBA".

For Blood, Soil and the Gods!


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