-Heilsa Vjohrrnt V. Wodansson! Let's start with a commonplace question: give us some background or history on your new band FJORD. Also you can dwell on some pre-FJORD projects of yours, like Nacht Und Nebel etc.?

-Hailsa comrade. First, we want to thank you for allowing us to spread our art and message through your publication. It is very much appreciated.
Fjrd came into existence during the later part of the Runic Era of 2256 (2006 in the Christian calendar) when Orgoth (guitars, bass) and myself (drums, vocals) got together to work on some ideas for this particular style of music we call Norse Folk-Metal. By Yule Tide, we had three songs created and recorded which feature on our debut promo release Vinlandic Northern Heritage as well as a fourth song which is only folk. This promotional pro-cdr has been released by ourselves under our own banner Oaken Table Rec. As of now we are working on our debut full length album which will be called VOR TRU (old norse for in this I believe ) and shall be released under the Totenkopf Propaganda rec banner. We hope to finish the recording of the album in march/april and have it released in the summer.

As for my previous bands. Nacht Und Nebel has been dead for quite some time now, but strangely enough the spirit of NUN lives on from beyond the grave. I still read about it in many places on the net, people asking when is the next release, offering to make split releases etc. Even one proposal for a complete discography of all NUN material since the beginning on one CD. But I understand that NUN being dead, the message it conveyed through its music is eternal. The last unreleased song from NUN will be on the 3 way split with Der Sturmet/NUN/Evil as a 7ep. Besides Fjrd, I am also active in my traditional folk band Heimdallargaldr, in which I play alongside my loving mate Embla. This project has nothing metal at all, it is pure folk with folkish instruments. We do not have much recorded yet due to lack of time, but things will get better. We already have a split CD with another local folk band called Marzanna in the planing but nothing is confirmed yet. You can hear and read more about Heimdallargaldr on our mySpace profile at the address at the end of this interview.

As for other projects, there are a few but I am only helping with session drumming or vocals.

What was the biggest stimulus that made you create the band?

To honor Wotan. All I do is in His sacred name. I believe it is imperative when you form a band to know what the concept will be and what you want to deliver as message. Too many bands are just forming for the sake of childish fun and hold no ideological, religious or political beliefs at all. They are soulless, shallow bands which will only record albums and play live without never really bringing anything positive for their race. They will simply flash for a while then fade away into oblivion.
Those who will leave their mark in the hearts of the folk will live on forever through their art. A music without any spiritual essence means nothing other than mere pleasure for the senses, but that is not what matters most, what is truly important is not to satisfy human senses in its most instinctive form, it is to enlighten the soul, the spirit. The higher self at the top of the Yggdrasil is what Fjrd seeks to stimulate. To awaken the ancient Flame dormant in so many of us.

You state Isengard, Storm, Otyg, Kampfar, Bathory to be your greatest influences in creating music. To tell you the truth, all of the abovementioned bands are among my favourites too. Why exactly did you choose to follow the musical path of those bands? Or maybe it was some kind of instinctive choice?

We have been listening to those bands for a long time. Myself since their very beginning and they have always struck a chord in my soul. My all time favorite is of course Bathory starting with the Blood Fire Death album although my favorite one is still Hammerheart. I will always remember the first time I heard Twilight f the gods back in 91, I though to myself that one day I would have my own band and I would create music like that. Three times in the past I had the opportunity; in 95, 99 and in 2002. But the Norns weaved it otherwize and it was only in 2257 RE that this dream became possible. And I can never thank Orgoth enough for helping me in this. As for Fjrds musical creative process, we do no think about it. We do not actually rehearse for hours trying to find riffs. Our first 3 songs were created, rehearsed and recorded in about 5 hours. Our other material has all been created in the same way. Spontaneous inspiration. It just comes to us like lightning striking a tree. It burns our souls with the fury of inspiration (a gift of Wotan). We only take more time to finish the songs, mix etc, but the basics are always created in the magic of the moment.

What do the lyrics concentrate on? Are you their author? What are your other inspirations in life apart from music for creating music: literature, movies etc.

Indeed I write all the lyrics. I am responsible for all the imagery, concept, lyrics and Orgoth is the skald behind the music. The concept of Fjrd is centered around Heathen Traditions and the noble values of Aryan Heritage. In the band I am the religious one shall we say. I am a Traditional Odinist whereas Orgoth is closer to a more philosophical path of will to power. We both realize the importance of proper Aryan values in todays decadent world.
As for influences, again my inspiration comes from the AllFather. I express His wisdom which I strive everyday to live by. His words and Iron Creed. I, of course, enjoy many films wich show heroism as well as various books but those do not really influence me. For our music it is again as I have said before, it comes to us by itself. We could say that we do not really create these songs, the songs are already there in the multiverse and they come to us when the time is right.

A general question. In the beginning or middle of the nineties we saw a huge explosion of great bands coming from Northern Europe. Most of them had really solid atmospheres in their music. And nowadays we perceive their art as true masterpieces of Aryan heritage. But just take a look at the so-called "scene" now. Most of the bands have wimped out and the true underground seems to be coming form other parts of the world. How can you explain this?

Indeed, the early 90ies were great for many reasons. It saw the rise of many influential formations such as Immortal, Emperor, Burzum, dark throne, Dissection, Enslaved and those scum of Mayhem. But when you refer to masterpieces of aryan heritage I hope you are only talking about their music being created by whites from northern Europe, because ideologically speaking, besides maybe Burzum and Enslaved, the rest are worthless.
Besides having wimped out as you say, they have never truly held any profound ideological beliefs. One writes about satan while the other about snow covered mountains. Where does this lead? What is the message? No. Scandinavia once held the upper hand when we think of BM but that has changed. They have fell from their throne. If we speak of true underground we have to look elsewhere now. But what is true underground anyway? Look at our movement, if we take for example bands like Temnozor, Der Sturmer or even Graveland, can we honestly say that these bands are underground? They are so well known and widely distributed in all white nations. There is nothing wrong with that as well. If we want our message to be spreag around, we cannot afford to limit ourselves to a minority of people with ridiculously limited amount of tapes or cds. The term underground has become harder to define in the recent years. Some will associate it with having cheap shity recorded music and xeroxed copied covers. How effective those can be for our cause?
But I am not innocent of this way of thinking. Once, I too was actually militant about keeping our BM unknown and elitist until I realized that I wasnt reaching anyone else outside our little closed circle. I thought to myself, if I want to reach the hearts of the white youth and help awaken the Primordial Heathen Flame, I will have to allow my music to cross the borders of that circle. By this I do not mean that our music should be available to any stupid white thrash moron but the white souls that are truly waking up by themselves and start to rediscover their heritage should have the chance to hear our calling. Music is by far one of the best tool of propaganda available to reach the youth. Many in the WP/NSBM pagan metal movement have started their racial awakening while listening to music. It is just a matter of ones reasons to form a band. Is it for fame and glory or to use ones talent to spread a strong message to the receptive minds out there.
I believe any serious racial/heathen band will not keep to their garage and cheap 4 track recorder. When a band with strong ideals and proper a message to to convey wants to contribute to the cause abs be taken into consideration, it will work hard to produce quality music, artwork, lyrics and be a guiding light in the darkness of chaos.

Judging from your photos one can say that you have a very nice equipment. Did you do it yourselves? If so, how long did it take? Are you into some kind of historical reconstruction?

Thats the first time I am asked that question. Indeed I make almost everything myself : chainmail, shield, armor, horn, etc. What I cannot make (yet) are weapons like swords, axes spear tips and metal helmets. Blacksmithing is not one of my talent unfortunately. I have been working leather, wood burning and chainmail since about 95. Going to viking and medieval fairs with comrades and selling our stuff. Nothing remotly close to Wolin unfortunately.
We are not with any official reconstruction groups really. Orgoths passion for medieval and viking period clothing is a personnal thing. I myself am somewhat more involved in Wolin style re-enactments. I do live blade fighting with friends but we seldom have the time. And I simply enjoy camping in our viking tents and re-live a more traditional way of life in the woods. If I could I would be 24 hours a day like this. It is not just some week end pass time you see. It is honoring ancestral traditions. When I perform my Blotar alone or with comrades, I always dress in period clothes to honor the past and the gods.

The cover of your promo-cd "Vinlandic Northern Heritage" shows us a very decent painting. I know you are the author of it. Honestly it reminds me of some works of BlazeBirth Hall artists. Were you inspired by their works in one way or another? Who are your favourite painters/artists?

In fact it is not a painting but a pen drawing. I would like to start on color painting one day though. I am aware of the Blazebirth Hall artists indeed but no, their work, as great as it is, as never influenced me. I have been drawing since the age of 6 (I am 34 now) and my only influence as always been CONAN. When I was a kid, my dream was to become an artist for Conan comics. Well, the Norns have decided that I should become an artist for other purposes Again, I believe all my artistic talent is a gift from Wotan who wishes me to honor Him and His folk through my art. I have never taken any lessons, it just comes to me. Pen, ink, woodburning, leather carving, etc. all inspired by the gift of the AllFather. I have done logos, shirt and cd artwork and inside lay-outs. Still, I am open for contracts...

Just a random abstract question. Living in multicultural Canada, how does it feel to still be going against the tide and carrying the torch of White Aryan Resistance? Do you find any support at all from people around you?

It is never easy, Northern Vinland, and more precisely in the area we live in, the situation is almost lost. The great cities are overtaken by corruption in all its forms; black street gangs, prostitution, drugs, poverty, and of course the source of it all, multicultural degeneracy. Vinland does not escape that fate my friend. Our government is puching the agenda of multi-ethnic accomodations for religious rights. The muslims and the jews that is. We have not enough problems fighting to have our own independance from the rest of Canada that we must also fight this tidal wave of foreign parasites swarming to our beautiful shores in quest for a quick hand-out. More and more we are suffering their whim regarding their prayer time, their clothing, their right not to be served by a woman in a hospital, their damned kirpan and any other cursed things they brought with them from their mud whole they crawled out of. This is a land of liberty they say, well let me tell you, WE white Europeans are not free on our own land.
So you see my friend, we are in this mess like everyone else. But it was to be expected. After all, we are in the Ragnarok, it is a time of grand inversion where brothers will slay brothers and before Surtr cleanses the world with fire, it will get worse.

Dwell on your plans for the future. What lies ahead for FJORD?

Besides our full length album, we also contribute an exclusive song for a Vinlandic compilation (no title nor release date yet) as well as contributing another exclusive track for The Night and the Fog III, the official compilation of the Pagan Front. And we are very honored to have been chosen to appear on this third edition of such a worthy production.
Also, we have been offered a split repease but this remains to be confirmed. We will concentrate on our album before anything else. We have many songs, too many for our first album so perhaps the others will be for the second one or we would like to produce a 7 ep eventually (old school vinyl rule). The future of Fjrd looks very promissing indeed.

Well, and the last question. What do you know about Ukraine? And enumerate some of your favourite band from these shores. Thank you for the interview.

Culturally, I wish I knew more. I know some good folk from Ukraine and they are all proud people. I will look deeper into your heathen heritage for sure. Perhaps you can suggest some books or web sites (English please) for me?
As for bands. I know of Kroda, Nokturnal Mortum and Drudkh among others. The Eastern movement is now one of the best NS/pagan scene around. From Russia to Poland to Ukraine there are so many excellent and worthy individuals and formations. And we are very pleased to have been offered this chance to feature in your magazine comrade. Perhaps this will help spread our Northern Vinlandic art in your land. We thank you again for this and hope to be working with you again in the future.
Hail to your people, and may the light of Wotan guide and guard you well. VOR TRU.

Slava! Slava! Slava!


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