Heilsa Rubeus! The new PANTHEON album PagaNuclear is going to be released this year via both Strong Survive Vinland and DTB Records from Germany. Please introduce the new album to your listeners. What can we expect from your new opus both lyric and music wise.

RUBEUS: This will be a rather destructive yet alien (Out of the ordinary in the extraterrestrial sense) like force to be reckoned with. Some will be confused as to whether this is W.O.T.A.N. (Will of the Aryan Nation) of W.O.T.A.N (Will of the Alien Nation). Haha.

PANTHEON has been more or less on hold during the last couple of years. Please, describe the current situation in the band.

RUBEUS: There are lots of daily struggles and obstacles and they can take one away from what they really wish to accomplish. After very few jam sessions with Vautrin in few years and little to no contact after awhile, I was forced to take on the entire 13 song cd by myself with the assistance of a great session member. Vautrin has however returned now for the Führersland EP.

Your band is most likely the most notorious NSBM band from Vinland. Are you happy with what you have achieved so far?

RUBEUS: Sure, I definitely am not unhappy having accomplished more than most. It is very satisfying to see releases coming out while you are pretty much inactive.

What about your numerous side-projects? Are you active with any of them? Or youve decided to quit all of them in favor of your main band?

RUBEUS: I had to wave all of them aside for what I am really focused on. However, I will do Gestapo SS when I have the spare time. I am currently planning an EP entitled Hang That Fucking Nigger Obama as an EP for G.S.S. in the near future.

Please, dwell on the state of NSBM scene in Vinland? From European side it seems that your scene went a bit downhill during the last couple of years Are you still actively involved in the scene or are you more of a free shooter now?

RUBEUS: Everyones a free shooter here now. With all the ZOG and federal surveillance it is near impossible to truly put ourselves on the spot without major harassment and incarceration. Myself and others do not like the current state of affairs.

Im also quite curious about the general state of affairs of American right-wing movement. What are your thoughts about your new president? Is there still any possibility for White Revolution?

RUBEUS: I think this mulatto makes it more possible than most suspect. After all he supports Hamas and other Palestinians privately. Though cornered by Zionists I think there is a glint of hope in this stupid monkey!

What can you tell about the straight edge movement? Its gaining big popularity in Ukraine and Russia these days. Although, some people criticize it for stemming from antifa movement.

RUBEUS: I listened to Minor Threat in the 80s and they were a great band! I dont think there were antifa! The song Guilty of Being White says it all. They are total Straight Edge (SXE) like me for the past 5 years! Im really proud of the Slavs! America once had a rare Heathen Straight Edge scene called Thrudvant. Hledjolf and Puritan were some of the great bands as a part of that!

What are your thoughts on the future of the world? You praise Ragnarok in your lyrics, yet still believe in the possibility of Aryan Rebirth. Do you believe the rebirth is only possible after Kali-Yuga?

RUBEUS: Yes, I believe the ending justifies a new beginning as in the old myths

How did your Weltanschauung change during all these years? What new ideas did you embrace and what did you reject?

RUBEUS: This is a very difficult question. After 16 years I think really I am the same. I just learned to grin and bear things a bit more if you know what I mean! Keep it pure!

Do you believe in the metaphysical meaning of W.A.R?

RUBEUS: It is very meaningful in all aspects of mind, body, soul, and passion. So, yes it is a plane of all levels for me if that is what you mean!

How do you perceive the life and struggle in the degenerated post-modernist society of today? Sometimes it seems we and our ideas are doomed to perish. Still a lot of people dont stop the struggle. How do you explain this phenomenon?

RUBEUS: The Triumph of the Will! The Strong shall Survive and overcome! We are those who believe in NATURE! Thus things are hard but, no harder than for animal in the jungle. Let us triumph as far as NATURE allows!

Well, thats it for now, please tell your wishes and last words to our readers. Thanks for the interview and good luck with your band! 14 Words!

RUBEUS: Many salutes for the interview! Cant wait to see the bombs roaring over! HAIL THE END AND NEW BEGINNING! AM ENDE STEHT DER SIEG!

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