Temnozor' Interview 2004

TEMNOZOR' Interview 2004 for RESISTANCE Magazine

1. To begin with... Please, introduce the history of the band to those of our readers who still might be unfamiliar with it.

TEMNOZOR', the spirit of the Sunrise, was born back in 1996 a.y.p.s. to revoke the Flame of the Aryan Heathen Spirit in the Hearts of the Young. Blending the radical Weltanschauung with the majestic sounds of the Folkish atmospheres channelled through the Subconsciousness, the mighty Metal storms and the powerful clean singing, TEMNOZOR' has rightfully earned the legendary status on the scene during these years.

The debut demo\album "Sorcery is Strengthening the Black Glory of Rus'" was recorded in Spring 1998 and released by Stellar Winter Records in pro-tape format circa one year later (Summer 1999). This work has symbolized TEMNOZOR's unique Folkish Pagan Metal style, uniting the ethnic Slavonic \ North European woodwind ornaments with the cold metallic razors of guitars, echoes of the wardrums, classic baritone singing (one of the main elements which TEMNOZOR' is most (in)famous for) and hateful screams of war...

Even being a debut one, this recording was called one of the best in Folk Metal style ever and received tons of positive reviews from the various underground 'zines and earned great and enthuziastic response from many authorities of Radical Black Metal and White Power scenes. Despite of the isolationist politics of the band back in the past, circa 3.000 copies of this work were sold during 3 years and some more copies were merely bootlegged... By today, this work is already labeled as "cult" by many.

Both prior to the debut demo and later on as well, the band had to undergo through the numerous and constant legal problems due to the accusations of batteries, arsons, racial and religious hatred propaganda. A few unsuccessful attempts to record the 2nd material were taken in 1999 and 2000, but due to the permanent complications these efforts resulted only in a few rehearsal tapes, which were never spread. During the whole history of the band, both before and after "Sorcery..." these events were followed by the constant line-up changes, so the most of the first line-up members were out from the band and merely left the scene.

Winter 2000 \ 2001, after 3 years of forced musical inactivity and isolation TEMNOZOR' finally returns with fire, hatred and death. The band's line-up was partly reinforced by the soldiers from other well-known NSBM hordes (NOKTURNAL MORTUM, FOREST, BRANIKALD) and during the Autumn 2001 and Winter 2001/2002 two brand new attacks were prepared.

The first of them, a minion 35-minutes long album, called "Fragments" represents the weirder side of TEMNOZOR' creativity and is marked with the presence of the very strange, ambiental, haunting spiritual depths, not usual for the style of the normal musical creations of the band.

The fullength album named "Horizons...", on the other hand, is much more relative to the folk-metal parts of the debut work "Sorcery...", with it's Folkloristic Pagan Metal Hymns of Pride, Power and Aggression. It basically combines all the elements TEMNOZOR' is actually famous for - Mighty Skaldic Clean Singing, Offensive Roar of the Heathenist Propaganda, Powerful Guitar Riffing Attacks and Ancient Slavonic Folk melodies, performed on the authentical instruments.

Winter 2002/2003, after the numerous delays, TEMNOZOR' finally releases two CD's. "Sorcery of Fragments" is a circa 70 minutes long disc, which includes both whole of "Sorcery is Strengthening the Black Glory of Rus'" debut demo-album and "Fragments" mLP - all in one.This CD was out at mid-December through our long-time comrades HakenKreuz Productions (Vinland). At last, the long-awaited fullength opus "Horizons..." representing TEMNOZOR'in all its glory was released mid-February 2003 through Ascent Records (ex-Drakkar Vinland Prod) (Canada). April 2003 Polish NS label East Side Records has released inner Polish version of “Horizons…” which is special, because it features the unmastered version of the album different from the “official” on Ascent Records. And the last thing to mention in concern to the already infamous “Horizons…” CD. Many comrades outside of Russia are not aware that May 5th the latest fullength album of the legendary Russian NS Pagan Metal horde TEMNOZOR' was released on license for the local sales inside of ex-USSR by one of the biggest mainstream hard-rock/metal labels here (the label which releases mainstream crap like ozzy osbourne, yngwee malmsteen, behemoth, mayhem and marduk for Russia). Two days later, on 7th of May the first pressing of this CD was banned and withdrawn from sales. Funny enough that the most of this 1st pressing was already sold out during these 2 days, before anyone could do anything, creating a huge impact over this CD and over the band itself. This was the first mass propaganda action from TEMNOZOR' camp and such attempts to infiltrate into the major metal scene with our Racial message will continue. We strive for the education and uprising of the White youth. And even if we don't get a dime from all these CD releases, TEMNOZOR' is going to try even bigger things to make our Racial Hateful message to reach our Youth everywhere. KULTURKAMPF!

These days (Spring / Summer 2004), after 2 more re-releases of TEMNOZOR' “Horizons…” CD on German label Nebelfee Klangwerke and “Sorcery of Fragments” CD on the bands' own label Stellar Winter Rex. and after 2 successful live performances, TEMNOZOR' are currently working upon a lot of the new material in the studio. We plan to fully finish these new works around mid-Summer 2004, as yet another fist in the face of the alien culture and alien faith.

2. Please, enlighten our readers upon the artistical concept of TEMNOZOR', upon the ideas which the band expresses through its music and lyrics? TEMNOZOR' is a cry-out of our Aryan Hearts. Grievous, yet Hateful, Hopeful and Proud. A loud cry addressed to our Aryan brothers and sisters. It is the Sorrow in our bleeding Souls to be the witnesses to the degradation and humilation of all what is Strong, Beautiful, Right and Proud, it is the ice and razor-sharp rain of Hatred we unburden upon our enemies, it is the Hope to Rise again in all the Glory, a Hope with a bittersweet taste of the self-sacrifice and the Victory to come, it is the Pride of being the Sons of the Godly Race, and thus, their descendants in Eternity, the ever-evolving Demigods ourselves.

TEMNOZOR' is the summoning battlecry, the propaganda, yet nowhere blatant (whoever might think that the propaganda music always means primitive lyrical approach, should take the Russian dictionary and try to translate TEMNOZOR' lyrics). It's an inspired and inspiring call to arms, addressed to the masses of the awakening and half-awakened Aryan Youth. Thus is the music - it’s folkish, powerful and catchy, it’s the modern form of the Aryan BattleNoise.

TEMNOZOR reflects certain aspects of our Aryan Weltanschauung and these are the perfect sounds of the Racial Holy War we wage.

3. Tell us about the line-up of the project. Who are the part of it nowadays? Are these session musicians or the full-time band members?

TEMNOZOR' is a project without any constant line-up. While there are around 10 people involved in the band, there are only 2 of them who are the authors of almost all the music and lyrics, to whom the whole concept of TEMNOZOR' belongs. Names are written on the water anyway. It’s all still the same like it was when we just started back in 1996. So, one way or another all the musicians in TEMNOZOR' are the session ones. Most of them have the projects of their own or play in other bands. Just to name a few: NOKTURNAL MORTUM, BRANIKALD, FOREST, NITBERG, VOLKOTEN’ and VANDAL (the latter being one of the 2 oldest “Blood & Honour Russia” bands).

4. One year ago the 2nd album of TEMNOZOR' named “Horizons…” was released. Since then it has already been re-released 4 more times. How do you think, did the band achieve the planned goals or, perhaps, your success has overcome all your expectations? What are you heading for?

Yes, the album was released in the total amount of 4 000 copies by now and there are more re-pressings planned (incl. tape and vynil versions). We received tons of the ultra-inspiring responses from the comrades worldwide. As for our aims - we head to forward the Racial Heathen message in the metal scene and make it the dominant one within the genre. In this aspect, of course, we haven’t achieved our goals on 100%, but we’ve already started and our next album would surely become one more harmful blast inside of the degraded politically correct metal scene of today.

5. A few days after the local Russian version of “Horizons…” CD was released by Russian mainstream metal label CD-Maximum, they decided to take this CD off the sales. Did it happen at all and what was the reason for that?

Yes, the label has received a lot of calls and e-mails from anti-fa scum, complaining that “TEMNOZOR' is a nazi band” and all the rest of usual anti-fa tired crap. They threatened the label with addressing to the police on this matter, so CD-Maximum decided to remove our CDs from their catalogue for awhile. Later it was proven that our lyrics do not contain anything which may be considered as “illegal” by the Russian laws, so the sales went back to normal. Some ardent anti-fa metalloid zines and clubs are still trying to boycott us, but they can’t really harm us. “Anti-fa? Hahaha!”.

6. Not long ago TEMNOZOR turned from the studio only project into a live / touring band with the full line-up. What was the reason for that? Also, could you inform us shortly about the past and future live actions?

Yes, almost 8 years since the birth of the band, we’ve finally started to play live on December of 2003. Our first show was held on 6th Kolovorot (Sunwheel) festival in Kharkiv , Ukraine with excellent Pagan Metal bands ASTROFAES, VELIMOR, DUB BUK, RUNES OF DIANCEHT and great R.A.C. band SOKYRA PERUNA (the most famous skinhead band from the Ukraine). Our second live attack took place on Walpurgisnacht 2004 in Kiev, Ukraine with SVARGA, DUB BUK and ASTROFAES. We were the headliners for both of the shows. On the first one there were 250 people present, on the second one there were already 500. Despite some line-up problems and also problems with sound the public’s reaction and support was really tremendous. I enclose a few photos from this gig to this interview. In a few days we’re planning to do another show, this time in Moscow.

7. As far as I know, you’re also known as a chief of elite Russian NSBM label Stellar Winter Records. Tell us more about it. What are its connections with the band? Which bands are being released by this label?

Stellar Winter was originally formed back in the obscurity and madness of 1996, under another name. During the next couple of insane years we’ve unofficially released a dozen of rehearsals (WOODS OF FALLEN, FULLMOON RISE and other allied projects of the Past), yet, due to the isolationist politics of those times, only for our own very close circle.

Back in 1998, already under the name of Stellar Winter Rex., the first official release was done. It was TEMNOZOR’ debut demo-album “Sorcery…”. Advertising for this position is needless - look into almost any zine reviewing it or into any distro-list featuring this demo and on the most of them it says written “the cult release”. Since that time we’ve released more than 15 other titles (officially) and some more unofficially (without “Stellar Winter”’s mark on it). Nowadays Stellar Winter is the oldest survived and operating BM label in Russia, also the largest _underground NS\BM-only_ distro in this region and the central / main NSBM label in Russia. This speaks for itself, I guess.

As for our bands and releases, here are some names to mention: BRANIKALD, FOREST, RAVEN DARK, VARGLEIDE, NITBERG, VOLKOTEN’, OLD WAINDS, SWASTYKA (now SUNWHEEL), VENEDAE, VELIMOR, NORD’N’COMMANDER, FINIST etc. In Spring 2004, after many demo-tape titles, we’ve pressed our first CD releases. Among them is the split CD between NITBERG (FOREST/BRANIKALD/RAVEN DARK members project) and the young local NSBM formation VOLKATEN' (TEMNOZOR',WOODS OF FALLEN and VANDAL members), Also TEMNOZOR' “Sorcery Of Fragments” re-release, plus many CD titles in work like RODOVEST, VELIMOR, DREAD MOON, GRANULOSUM etc. Additionally to that we’re currently starting a sub-label specializing in R.A.C. music / skinhead scene exclusively the first two releases to be VANDAL’s brand new album “The Fate of My Race” and the debut CD of local young NS hatecore band called ROSSIJA (somewhere around Summer / Autumn 2004, I hope).

8. TEMNOZOR' and Stellar Winter records are the members of THE PAGAN FRONT. What can you tell us about this organizations' essence and its work in general?

THE PAGAN FRONT is the organization of musical bands, labels, distros, zines and active individuals within the scene, working for the return of the Aryan Heathen values back into the Black Metal music. The main aim of THE PAGAN FRONT is to propagate the Racial values within the masses of youth inside the metal subculture, to awaken as many Aryans to the higher struggle as possible through one of the most effective weapons ever - the Art… Though we do not limit our work to the musical scene only, the most of THE PAGAN FRONT members are taking part in political parties, Heathen / philosophical / traditionalist societies and politically active street brigades in their local places.

9. Let’s speak about your influences a bit. Which bands, musicians, writers, poets, philosophers, artists and political activists influenced TEMNOZOR' creations and your personal Weltanschauung as well?


Classical composers: Wagner, Grieg, Bach, Beethoven, List, Bruckner, Mussorgski and many others.

Writers: J.R.R. Tolkien - “Lord of the Rings”, Howard Philip Lovecraft - various, ”,.Robert Howard’s Conan series and a lot of other fantasy books, also William Pierce “Turner Diaries” and “Hunter”, Walter Scott - various, Jack London - various, Anthony Burgess “A Clockwork Orange”, at the same time Scandinavian sagas, various European legends, fairy-tales and folklore.

Poets: Kveldulv son of Bjalvi, Grim the Bald son of Kveldulv, Egil son of Grim the Bald, Eivind the Murderer of Skalds, Gunnlaug the Serpent Tongue, Sieghvat son of Tord, and many other Scandinavian skalds, then Goethe, Burns, Byron, Poe and many more from those who wrote in English, then some Russian poets like Kluev, Esenin, Brusov, Balmont and many others (unknown to the non-Russian readers) along with various European folkish songs etc.

Philosophers: Friedrich Nietsche, Alfred Rosenberg, Ragnar Redbeard, Guido von List (unsure if we could really put him into “philosophers” category), Miguel Serrano and some others.

Political activists: Prince Svjatoslav Igorevich (the last Pagan Prince of Ancient Russia, the one who crushed the judeo-khazar empire to dust), Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, Henrich Himmler, general Pavel Krasnov (the only Russian SS General), Baron Ungern (first Russian fascist during the Russian Civil War), Varg Vikernes, Ian Stuart, Robert Mathews, David Lane, Dr. William Pierce and some others.

Artists: Dore, Kittelsen, Adolf Hitler again (his landscape paintings), Vasilyev (Russian greatest Racially-conscious painter), Vasnetzov, Bilibin.(both Russian folklorist / historical painters), Churlionis and some others. The most of the names would tell you nothing anyway.

10. Now we come to the subject of National Socialist Black Metal scene. How do you see the situation there nowadays? Do you see it as a united and monolithic war-machine fighting for the rights of the White People and against our enemies, or this term is just a collective for some projects having some common ideas? Does TEMNOZOR' strive for the unity of all the NSBM brigades or you’re satisfied with the current situation on the scene? Please, name your favorites within the NSBM genre.

The best part of the scene is surely an effectively working propaganda machine just like you said above. We’ve done a huge work with THE PAGAN FRONT on this aspect and still we’re trying to achieve even more. While a certain part of the NSBM scene still reminds me more of some musicians club of common interests. This is very unfortunate. The scene lacks consciousness, discipline, it lacks the respect to the proven authority of the proven activists, just like White Power / R.A.C. scene, the huge part of NSBM scene suffers from egocentrism, envy and so on. There are things to weed off, and there are other matters to improve for sure. I am never satisfied with the current stance of anything, we must always look for the ways to improvement. Progress and self-perfection is the only way.

The brightest bands of nowadays NSBM / Racial Pagan Metal scene surely are: NOKTURNAL MORTUM, DER STURMER, ABSURD, HELDENTUM, PANTHEON, BRANIKALD, FOREST, NITBERG, GROM (the one from Vinland), EISENWINTER, CAPRICORNUS / THOR’S HAMMER, GRAVELAND, VELES and some others.

11. Many followers of BM and R.A.C. scenes do not wish to compromise for the uniting of these two movements under one common banner. What’s TEMNOZOR's attitude to this problem? What are your relations with Russian skinheads? Do you see the necessity of the collaboration between these two musical scenes?

A half of TEMNOZOR’s current line-up are skinheads, the other half are NS metal folks. So what do you think our attitude to this subject could be? Racially conscious Aryan folks must stand as one to survive, when we bleed and die on the streets of our own cities, who is so dumb to divide the comrades upon the style of music they listen to? Besides, there are tons of skinheads who listen and even play NSBM and there are many WP metallers who listen R.A.C. and play in R.A.C. bands. I guess the bands like NOKTURNAL FEAR (ANGRY ARYANS frontman thrash/black metal project), BEFORE GOD (BOUND FOR GLORY frontman black/death metal project), WARHEAD (Olaf of HONOR and Varggoth of NOKTURNAL MORTUM common project), not even to mention ourselves, hahahah, show the brighter examples of such unity more than perfect. TEMNOZOR' collaborates with both WP skinhead and metal scenes,and when it comes to our relations with other Russian skinheads, I could only repeat what I already wrote in the answer to some other question of this interview - some TEMNOZOR' members are now the part of VANDAL, which is one of the most respected Russian R.A.C. bands both locally and worldwide. All is clear here now I hope.

12. What is the main source of inspiration for TEMNOZOR?

We’re inspired by the landscapes of the Northern Hemisphere. We’re inspired by racial and religious Hate, by Love and Aryan kinsmenship spirit. We’re inspired by the tragedies and the joy. We’re inspired by the Sun and the Moon. By the clouds and the stars in the sky. We’re inspired by the street violence and by the silence of the wintry blackwoods. We’re inspired by our NS / Pagan gatherings and by the loneliness too…

Go into the winter forest and behold it unleashing its ghosts upon the ruins of the ancient castles and pagan altars - sorrowful spirits of the Past Glory. Watch these snowy fields so endless, watch these titan mountains, mighty rivers in the fog and these crystal lakes yet to freeze - it's Our Ancient Europe. Behold the churches burning like candles when the smoke from their ashes flies slowly into the evening skies. That's our grimness. The grimness of our Aryan European Nature, the grimness of our Spirituality. The grimness which surrounds us everywhere in our lives. Just learn to find it inside yourself.

Seek the ancient knowledge of Life, Fertility, Health, the Sun and the Day. Behold the very first rays of rising sun painting the gray twilight, breath the freshness of the morning winds, watch the sun reflecting in these eternal fields of snow dancing like a gleam of billion of precious gems. Feel the sighs of the newborn Spring filling your blood with fire, opening the new horizons of Life. Feel the blood of a defeated enemy flowing, experience the foretaste of the battles yet to come as the ultimate gift for the victory just won. Taste the holy mead brewed by the heat of the Summer Sun, drink once for the Aryan warriors of the Past and twice for us, the Aryan warriors of today and future. That's the delight which surrounds us. The triumph of our Aryan Nature, the triumph of the Pagan Hearts. The feeling we forge out of our reality each day. Just learn to live properly to find the meaning of this earthly Life.

13. Now let’s talk about the plans for the future. What is the band doing nowadays? When should we expect the new album? Is anything else planned for now?

Like it was already said in the first question of this interview - we’re in the studio now working on the brand new full-length album, which will truly overcome and murder all our previous efforts, it will be something very special and extremely powerful for sure. The scene should await this album somewhere in July / August 2004. The same time we’re recording the exclusive stuff for the miniCD as well as a few songs for the possible 4 way split-CD with ABSURD, NOKTURNAL MORTUM and, perhaps, VELES.

While replying to this interview, I am also set ahead for our 3rd live gig on the 15th of May 2004, this time in our native city Moscow. We already took some precautionary measures so this gig won’t be banned, hopefully, but this ethnically polluted city is full of enemies, so we will see what they're up to. We’re ready for the fight.

14. Alright, let’s finish this interview with the wishes from the distant Russia to the readers of our magazine.

The future is in our hands alone. Be strong, be firm, be true to yourself and thus - true to your kin. 14 words. W.O.T.A.N. in all of us.

Interview conducted by Grom14

Published in Resistance Magazine, Issue #23, Fall 2004

Resistance Magazine, Issue #23, Fall 2004

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