FJORD: Vinlandic Northern Heritage

A fresh promo of the newest project of Vjohrrnt V. Wodansson from Northern Vinland (Canada). This time it's music in the style of Norse Folk-Metal. Among their musical inspirers FJORD cite Storm, Isengard Bathory. Fjord praise Aryan values of honour, pride, courage and strength. The aim of their activity is to reawaken the ancient flame of our Race, spread the iron dogma of WOTAN and unleash the warrior spirit of man.
Everything starts with a song "The Calling". This is a strong appeal for the spirit to rise! Wodansson's vocals are very strong and manly. A real viking is singing! Music-wise one can draw parallels with some ISENGARD songs. Track # 2 - "Odin's Wrath". This is a very easy song to remember with a neatly marked guitar line and viking vocals. Its structure is pretty much shamanic. Around half way through the music switches into a cold guitar fingering and then everything starts again. The next track, "To Enter The Halls Of Gold" - is absolutely different story. It is nothing else than real Galdr music. This is a shamanic music of the North, which is performed during the male magical rituals. It is truly ambiental and hypnotizing. The promo is concluded with probably my favourite track - "Shores Of Vinland". The song is quite epic - you can feel yourself as a passenger of a drakkar which is spliting the morning fog, beyond which one can see the shores of a new continent. Everything is finished with a triple horn hooting.
In general, this promo is only a taster of what we should expect from the young formation FJORD in the future. The band promises a full-length album in the summer, which will be released by Hellenic label TOTENKOPF PROPAGANDA. I'm sure that the musicians won't let us down and the album will be even better than the promo, even though it is also great! Also this promo should be noted for a very nice artwork. It is of course done by Wodansson himself, and represents great Aryan art. Highly recommended for all those into viking-metal.

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