Anomalous unnatural winter, which has "befallen" on our continent with total snowlessness and fifteen degrees above zero brings us with the first icy squalls and lonely whirling snowflakes a new, already the third full-length album of Ukrainian band KRODA. This opus, covered with bluish grey January hoar-frost, forged in the freezing abysses of Niflheim by skilled artists, as though heralds the beginning of lengthy, ultimate winter of humanity Fimbulvinter. And though in reality the winter is warm, we know that this is deception, and that the real winter still lies ahead, and KRODA only assures us with that. This album cannot be called warm, vivid, life-asserting. On the contrary, it's cold like everlasting ice, it's grim like an unexpected winter blizzard, it's destructive like the final battle, that is due after the triennial winter...
   The album-opener is an indisputable hit "The Beginning Of Night Of Oskorei". I'll venture to suggest that this song doesn't really remind KRODA at all. It is something new, till now undiscovered in the field of Black Metal. Undoubtedly, an attentive listener will pick up some familiar notes here and there, but in general it is a sheer innovation. An introductory riff surrounds you like a wave of coldness again and again, when all of a sudden a majestic refrain makes you forget about everything in this world... Then the storm calms down and we hear a melodic folk moment, but it doesn't breathe with summery warmth as previously, but with that same wintery cold.
   "Glacial Riders Of Fimbulvinter" reminded me of IMMORTAL personally. some riffs of this track carry an evident trace of Norsk Arisk Black Metal as such. Especially I was impressed with a moment at the very end of this song - a riff in the vein of my favorite TAAKE and TRELLDOM. This track didn't go without folk either. Sopilka sounds in harmony with guitar, in the result of which you get a trade mark effect of KRODA. You get a feeling that the music envelops the listener.
   "Where Brave Warriors Shalt Meet Again" - is a new chapter in the work of the group. Above all because of the lyrics, after all here Eisenslav for the first time fully bases his lyrics upon the Old Norse epos. Somethnig similar has already taken place on the track "Wolfish Rage (Ulfhednar)" from the previous full-length "To The Firmaments Verge Of Life", but there were rather hints and mentionings of near-Scandinavian themes. The track in itself music-wise is splendid and flawless. Once again, most of all I enjoyed the final riff in the best traditions of the genre, melancholic and filled with philosophic wisdom. Heil W.O.T.A.N.!
   "Funeral Of The Sun" - is a title track, very powerful, one may say anthemic. From the whole albums it reminds me most of all of the previous works of KRODA - probably because of its folkish motives and melodiousness. In any case, this was the first track available from the upcoming album and I'm sure that many listeners have already had a chance to appreciate it at its true value.
   "A Stormride (BRANIKALD cover)" - is a real surprise for all the admirers of the creative work of BlazeBirth Hall. Truth to tell, I don't even find appropriate words to describe this cover-version. Because it's even difficult to call it cover: it rather is an "author's variation" of one of the best songs to ever be recorded by the BlazeBirth scalds. Here everything is though-out ideally to the smallest detail, excellent harmony of lyrics and music. But I won't verbalize too much - soon you'll hear everything for yourself! Let no one be astonished by the quantity of the songs - their length and diversity makes up for it fully. In addition, it is the longest KRODA release to the date.
   To sum it up shortly, I can say that this album is the only of its kind not only in Slavic countries, but worldwide. All that was best in KRODA plus the multitude of new elements and moves make this album an unforgettable listening experience. With its new album KRODA unquestioningly made their adequate contribution into what all of us have been waiting for so long...

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