RODOVEST lyrics translation

Tongues Of Flame

(Music: Temnojar)

The Fall Of Rus'

(Music: Ogneslav; Lyrics: Ogneslav)

The evil shade of grief
Fell on Svarogs' face.
The dawn is cold, the day is sad,
The difficult moment is mournful.
I feel unwell: the Russian folk has betrayed
The True Gods.
They started to build churches here and there
On their Fathers' Land.

You repudiated your own Roots - 
Shame on you.
What attracted you to a jew,
Who was crucified as a thief?
And here is pestilential fucking clerk
He sings psalms to you.
priest, who is fat as a boar
Has become a shepherd to you.

Lifeless rustle of black cassocks
And the stench of thurible.
You bow to not russian god
By crossing yourself.
the jew has conquered all of you:
you are prisoners of
dead, lifeless ideas,
Get up from your knees!

Incense is smoking and the wicked mouth
preaches you the teaching of christ:
That existence is perishable and laughter is filthy,
That life is decay, and pride is sin,
That in the slavery of christ is the light of salvation,
That the moment of death is blissful,
That "god" is everything, and the man is just creature...
And you sacrifice your souls to the altar
Of the mendacious teaching of christ.

On The Shores Of The Wolfensea/ Russian North

(Music: Ogneslav/Temnojar; Lyrics: Ogneslav)

Where waves hit the cold mountains,
Where sparkles whirl in the scarlet fires,
Where slender firs stand above the shore,
Where snowstorms rush above the clean snow,
Where black clouds have frozen in a day-dream,
Shedding tears above the mountain - steep,
Where fog buries the depths of ravines,
The Breath of Hel drowns in darkness (gloom)...

On the shores of the Wolfensea...

Where banners flutter above the battlefield,
Where sagas of forgotten times are alive,
Where brave and valiant warrior
Will find Slava on the field of battle,
Where winds blow...
Where the seashore is...
In the Heroic Death there is no place for woe.
The prayers are vain, in them are the lies - poison.
Only Battle gives Slava to man!

...Winds blow on the shores of the sea,
Mournful stars dont give warmth,
There is no great Power in the world,
Bygone heroes are long forgotten.
The time of Sword and Slava is away.
And the human tribe has fallen so low.
Only the sea remembers the faces of heroes,
Holding sacred the Memory of great Men.

On the shores of the Wolfensea...	

Russian North...The Way of Born
For unheard-of fulfilments.
Wakes the Archetypes of the Ancient
This World of Snows which are never gone.
Blazes up above us
In the clear sky a Solar Cross
Lighting up the Worlds' mysteries,
Hidden in the Polar night.
Russian North...Way of Heroes,
Those, who await their hour,
To raise a heavy sword
For the Supremacy of the Highest Race,
Who broke all prohibitions,
Being not afraid, stepped over the verge
And stepped in different guise 
On the expanses of Oriana.
Russian North...Way of Free
Of the chains of rotten morals,
Whose mission (calling) is the Way to Victory,
Whose souls are like steel.
Cosmos gathers hordes
In its stealthy chasms,
Cosmos gives to them - the Great -
The Wisdom of Northern Constellations.
And once will the earth shake
That will be the time of the fall of decrepit truths
The Time of the birth of Oriana.

On the shores of the Wolfensea...

The Sword Of Svjatogor

(Music: Temnojar/Ogneslav; Lyrics: Ogneslav)

Concealed in the gloom of millennia,
The Sword of Svjatogor.
Again has awaken in the times of evil - 
The blade of Unruly.
In the secret depths cast by the Gods
For the new Victory,
Born two times he will avenge for offence
In the last battle.

With wrath is the Sword of Svjatogor afire!
The Sword of Svjatogor longs for blood!
In the battle for Rus the Sword of Svjatogor
Gains the second wind.

Where are you, forgotten hero?
Where are you, Warrior?
With a strong will,with an open heart,
Great and undisturbed?
Sword awaits you and a Great Slava
Of a Battlefield - 

Warrior, who has risen the sword of Svjatogor...
Russian, who has risen the sword of Svjatogor...
Ancient hero born for Slava
And ancient mighty sword of Svjatogor!!!

(The) Sorrow

(Music: Ogneslav/Temnojar; Lyrics: Ogneslav)

Wind rises,
Whirls the dust of roads...
New day is born - 
The East brightened.
It will be mournful,
Overcast as a shadow.
I will go to a clear field
On this gloomy day...
Over the thick grass
Only the wind is blowing,
And the ravens' caw
Disturbs the silence.
And the ravens flush
To the dull clouds...
All four sides
Are opened for the winds...

My black brothers ???
Why do I feel so sad?
I feel as if death
Has come for me.
Sing, heralds of sorrow,
To banish griefs,
To banish affliction
Into the gloomy distances.
Let your song fly
Through centuries and battles,
Let her pierce like an arrow
Tears and prayers,
Let the moon-light touch
The old faded walls.
Sing to me about the times
That are so long gone.

When Rus' was young,
Like leaves in April,
And the years,days and weeks
Were slowly flowing by...
Rus' didn't know back then
A mean deceit,
Seductive speeches,
Sweet drug.
Khors and Svarog
And Perun, knjaz of storms,
And Father-Strybog
Were all held sacred here.
Here, among thick forests,
The Spirit of Freedom reigned,
Misfortunes and adversities
Were faced here without any fear.

And brought armies
To rob Rus'
And retinues proudly went
To the open field,
And the echo of screams
Was heard from far away,
And the ranks of brave warriors
Slowly got thin,
Steel searched for enemy's neck,
Bow - strings clinked.
Horses stramped in foam
On the bodies of unclean (impure).
Russian warriors burned
In the fiery tongues.

Prophetic Power of Rus'
Helped in the battle,
And to the enemies
Even their prayers didn't help.
And foes whispered in fear
About Slavic Kin:
Don't go against Rus' khazar,
Your death roams there.
Russians are fearful in battle,
They don't know fear.
Their spears, arrows and swords
Forebode deaths.
They go to battle listening
To the call of their heart,
And are ready to die
For Rus' - Native land...

Time withered away,
Years changed each other.
And evil clouds curled
Over a Slavic Kin.
And from the walls of the second Rome - 
Damned kingdom
Mean guile leaked
Into the free land.
And in many hearts
The Light diminished,
Slander started crawling
Around the towns.
Glorious deeds
Were buried in oblivion
And the folk went blindly
To the slaughter.

The Idols of the Great
Are broken and burned.
And then a three-faced god
Came to Rus'.
And Pagan Perun is
desecrated and ridiculed,
And now he is replaced by
A pitiful israelite (jew).
A new god looks on Rus'
Like a crucified thief.
Symbol of "faith" and slavery - 
Is his goddamn cross.
God meek as a slave,
Died in weakness.
A black violence
Rode over Rus'.

In the depths of thick oak wood
At night in the wild place
Past forsaken Sanctuaries
Wolf's packs wander.
Ancient barrows are left
Forever forgotten,
Prophetic glades
Are covered with mighty forest
Only ravens and winds
Are frequent guests here.
Only wolves howl scary
At night in the graveyard.
Howl, Children of the Full Moon!
Tear Night's strings!
Remember former(past) Rus',
Glorious Perun!


(Music: Ogneslav/Temnojar; Lyrics: Ogneslav)

Embrace me,Fire, give me freedom,
Wind, carry away my soul,
To Svarog's meadows, to the alluring expanse,
To the glorious land of Golden Dawn.
Fighting in a fierce battle, i cut from shoulder
Heads of enemies in rapture,
In the whistle of arrows and ringing of sword
I found delight-intoxication.
In this world I cognized love and death,
I cognized firm bonds of brotherhood.
For Great Rus' i shed my blood,
I strived for victory not for wealth,
I went to battlefield for Russian Nation,
With fervour I fought for Native Earth,
With Prophetic Knjaz' i went to distant campaign
And I rode by his right hand.
But there is no way back,what is gone, cannot be returned.
Russian doesn't know fear even in death.
And the arrow pierced my chest,
Scarlet blood sprinkled my shirt.
Suddenly my eyesight dimmed.
I didn't feel pain from the wound.
Another pain tormented - to pass away young!
O Perun! Why so early?
My way isn't over yet,
I didn't complete my life-work.
I'm consoled only with the won battle,
And I died in the name of Fatherland
Hot blood streamed through the wound in chest,
It streamed down the armour.
New way called me, awaited me ahead.
I stepped on it dying.
Burial fire is lit underneath me,
Tongues of fire wildly whirl.
New Way is in front of me.My gaze is clear and bright.
And there is no way back.
Embrace me,Fire, give me freedom,
Wind, carry away my soul,
To Svarog's meadows, to the alluring expanse,
To the glorious land of Golden Dawn.

2004 Grom
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