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Heilsa Jewgrinder! Please, introduce the readers to XENOPHOBIA. Tell the story behind the band and speak about its current condition.

Hails Comrade! Well, we started around 1996. About two years prior, me and Erebus were listening to White Power bands like Nordic Thunder, Aryan, Bound For Glory, Involved Patriots, Midtown Bootboys and of course Skrewdriver. We loved the message and a lot of the music, but wanted something heavier and more extreme than Oi or R.A.C. We were also very much into black metal at the time, so it was natural for us to incorporate the two. Around the same time a friend I used to do tape trades with, began sending me demos and recordings by bands like War 88, Funeral, Fullmoon, Berserker (New York), LSSAH, Martial etc, and we were very excited to see we were not the only ones thinking this way. I’ll admit though, the early Xenophobia recordings were not very musically talented.. We really didn’t know how to play anything that well, (except for Glaxya who was and is a very talented composer) but like most young bands, that didn’t stop us from trying! Currently Xenophobia consists of Stolztrager (Veil), Thurisaz (Akashah) and myself. We are working on new material for our next album.

What can you say about the band’s biography on your official website? How true is it? Does it have any connection with reality whatsoever?

Yes. It was the reality Erebus and myself chose to live in at the time. It was however written in a sensational / humorous manner. But, did I want to kill Glaxya at one point many years ago, sure, did we threaten to kick our old guitarists ass many times, sure. Have me and Erebus both been convicted and locked up for hate crimes, ethnic intimidation, assaults etc - yes, of course. It’s really not that hard to do these things, all you have to do is be young , drunk, angry, and capable of making counterproductive choices in life . I will say this though , that bio has little to do with now. I’ve talked to Glaxya about a month ago and have no problem with her and wish her the best in life. One old guitarist has his own life and is not involved in NSBM or WP much, that’s his choice. These days I try to avoid chasing niggers around fast food parking lots with pipes and throwing bottles at them, but now just as then, I won’t back down from them if confronted. I would agree that a more current bio needs to be written though. Erebus is also no longer the drummer or involved in NSBM.

How did the transformation of old XENOPHOBIA into the new one occur? How was the decision to work with Stolztraeger taken? How do you personally evaluate the addition of the new member?

Well, Stolz contacted me about writing for Hatemonger, me and some comrades met up with him and he gave us some Veil and Hellstrike demos and offered to perform live if we ever needed some fill in musicians for shows. I was very impressed with his dedication to his work and talent, and asked him to just become a member of Xenophobia. There has also been another addition to Xeno in the last year or two, which is Thurisaz of Akashah. (If you have not heard Akashah yet, you MUST seek out the Barbarous release, the cd is available through Strong Survive Vinland and others. Definitely another excellent Vinlandic release, even competition for Xeno !! :) The addition of both members has been amazing. I am honored to work with both of them and they have really helped make Xenophobia what it is today.

Let’s talk about your debut album “Reclaiming Celtic Glory”. I consider it to be one of the best NSBM releases to ever come from the shores of Vinland. It’s an absolute must for everyone into racially-oriented Black Metal. Please, dwell on the story behind the creation of this masterpiece.

Thank You! But really most of the credit should go to Stolztrager. He wrote and recorded all of the music for this release, I penned a few of the lyrics and did the vocals. This work took Xenophobia in the direction we envisioned long ago.

What can you say about the moron claiming that Xenophobia and a lot of other Vinlandic NSBM hordes are fake? I have been following these idiots’ ravings for several years now and can only guess what makes him do this kind of crap. Ever tried to find and punish him in reality?

The only thing that surprises me about this idiot is that he still finds time to spread these ridiculous lies. I assumed he would eventually find better things to do with his pathetic life. I have never met him or spoke with him… He lives on the other side of the U.S. from me, very far away. I’ve been told Stuart from Wulfhere, who lives in the same state, went to confront him and this guy hid in his house. Really he doesn’t matter much… In the end he exposes himself as a fraud through his own stupidity.

As far as I know, the only live performance of XENOPHOBIA took place at the Pagan Front Winter Gathering 2006. What can you say about that experience and can we expect any further live attacks?

Yes, for those who don’t know that was the show with Absurd,Wotanorden, Heathen Hammer, Evil Incarnate and also a short special performance with Big Ed from Bound For Glory and Shawn of Max Resist. That was our first show. There were actually two though. We also performed with Westwall (Big Ed’s new band ) and Wotanorden again, as well as a non political local band from the Peoria Illinois area. It was awesome to perform with all the bands, especially Absurd!!! The turnout was small though, less than 100 people in both cases. It is not surprising though, America is filled with many stupid people who have no interest in our subject matter. We do not play for the brain dead masses, nor do they want us to! There was talk of shows with Der Sturmer and before that Demonic Christ. I think the Demonic Christ show didn’t go through due to some conflict of interest and the Der Sturmer (Hails JVH!) thing fell though over some travel arrangements/funding from the promoter. All Xeno members live a few hours apart from each other, so I’m not sure when our next shows will be, as rehearsing together can be difficult. Material for a new album is currently being worked on and a new previously unreleased Xenophobia song called “Norseman” appears on “The Night And The Fog III” compilation CD.

Dwell on the ideological basis of XENOPHOBIA. What have been the main influences on your band, both music and lyric-wise. What philosophers, writers, political activists you hold as your example.

Xenophobia is for all of the pride and power to be found within the spirit of the White Man. The majority of Europe’s descendants living in this country deny themselves this power. Our hope is to resurrect some of this inner strength within those who are able to hear and really comprehend our message. People I’ve admired or have been influenced/awakened by will always include Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Robert J. Mathews,G.L. Rockwell, Ben Klassen, Rev. Matt Hale, William Pierce, Savitri Devi, Brian Boru, as well as some Celtic and Norse teachings. That would probably cover the lyrics.As far as music wise, I’d say for me - War 88, Berserker (NY / early 90’s Vinlandic-Aryan Black Metal), Funeral, Fullmoon, Involved Patriots, Before God and some Bound For Glory. As far as Stolz and Thurisaz, I’d say Burzum and old Ulver had something to do with it :)

What can you say about the current situation on Vinlandic radical Black Metal scene?

The Black Metal scene in general here, I don’t know, I don’t follow it much. I like Nachtmystium from Chicago musically. As far as Racial/ Pagan Vinlandic B.M., I support Akashah, Veil, Hellstrike, Wotanorden, Tyranath, Eingar, Grand Belial's Key, Heathen Hammer, Pantheon, Gestapo SS, Wulfhere, Defeat, Warbutcher, Tengereken etc.

What role does the Pagan Front play in the formation and ideological filling of the scene?

It helps us to work together to spread our message more effectively.

You are the editor of the notorious Hatemonger Warzine, one of the first NSBM zines ever. What made you create it back in the mid 90-ies? Tell us a little story behind it and shed some light on what the future holds for your zine.

Well, basically the same reason as behind Xenophobia. The majority of the WP zines I was buying in the States focused mostly on Oi & Punk inspired bands. I had an interest in punk when very young, and still enjoy some of the old stuff like The Meatmen, Cro Mags, Negative Approach, Misfits, Fear etc. But I feel that style of music can be very limiting and doesn’t hold my attention for very long. I thought the early 90’s Black Metal bands best captured the old European spirit. Blending classical and folk influences with modern electric instruments, such as old Emperor and Enslaved did. I felt this style better expressed that of the Aryan mindset than the same old rock and roll music that was inspired by the communist, homosexual, antifa infested punk scene. I wanted to expose more racists and skinheads to the higher art of racially aware black metal! A little known fact is that some of the very first issues and materials were printed behind the backs of some nigger loving jew lawyers in Chicago. My fiancée and keyboardist at the time, (Glaxya) was working as a legal secretary for a law firm in Chicago, that legally represented nigger gang members from the cabrini green housing projects, free of charge. (She found out about this after already agreeing to fill in for a friend on leave for a pregnancy). While these lawyers were out defending enemies of our kindred, she was back at their office using their materials and time to print Hatemonger – while getting paid by them! I’m sure these scumbags would be disappointed to know they were paying her to print N.S. materials on their own time! Ha! Also, Hatemonger’s first incarnation was in 94-95, as a small 2-3 pg newsletter called “Vigilante Extremist”, all it consisted of was some news covering the KKK, and some opinions concerning the events of the time, incorporated into that was a couple reviews and top ten list of Death and Black metal releases. But it was too small and brief, so Hatemonger was born! Concerning future issues, unfortunately, my house was raided for a second time now and a computer was confiscated by the police. It has not yet been returned. Nor am I certain of when it will be. It contained the new stuff for issue 6, as well as the equipment I use to do the layouts. So the progress and completion of this issue is uncertain for now.

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